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Everything you need to know about volunteering in Edmonton
and beyond!
Holding Hands

About Goose Troop

Goose Troop was formed in 2016 in the hopes of demystifying volunteerism in Edmonton, Alberta and beyond. Although volunteering is basically a simple concept (someone needs help, so you offer to help), that's not always how things play out. "Informal" volunteering is exactly that - informal and organic - but once you formalize the act, and involve non-profit organizations, it doesn't always seem so simple. It's important that processes are put in place to ensure efficiency, and the safety of everyone involved but if you don't understand those processes, it can seem like it's difficult to donate your time, talent and enthusiasm! 

Too often, volunteers have reported that their time has been wasted, they didn’t feel valued, and the non-profit was disorganized. 

On the flip side, non-profit organizations have expressed that volunteers have been unreliable, didn’t perform their tasks satisfactorily and haven’t acted professionally. 


Goose Troop hopes to change that through sharing information with people looking to volunteer and helping them to navigate the process easily, and to give them the confidence to expect a satisfying volunteering experience, while being a great volunteer. Goose Troop also supports non-profit organizations that engage volunteers to ensure that their volunteers have meaningful experiences that meet or exceed their expectations.

Goose Troop's vision:

Everyone who wants to contribute can easily find and commit to, a meaningful volunteer opportunity in an organization what truly values volunteers.

Goose Troop's mission:

Goose Troop supports volunteerism by preparing people for volunteering and supporting organizations to adhere to best practices.

On this site, you'll find information about how to:

  •  Get ready for volunteering in order to ensure you find the best volunteer role for you! 

  • Learn what kind of volunteer you are

  • The best ways to get started volunteering by knowing what you need to do in order to get started and where to find the opportunity that is the best fit for you!

"no one can do everything, but everyone can do something."


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