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Finding volunteer opportunities

There are several websites and databases that list volunteer opportunities in the Edmonton area. Some are very general and others are specific to a certain demographic. 

It is estimated that there are over 4000 non-profit organizations in Edmonton alone – if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the listed sites, don’t forget to use a search engine like Google – it can direct you to specific organizations and you can research them directly. Also, ask people you know – they may have some good ideas too!

Volunteer Connector


Description: Volunteer Connector, a Propellus Calgary database, has been working with Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary organizations (ECVO) to expand it's listings to include Edmonton volunteer opportunities. This searchable database lists volunteer opportunities in Edmonton and area and can be accessed for free and without a membership. They provide a platform where not-for-profit organizations can post volunteer positions and volunteers can find the right role. Although a new player in the Edmonton area, this website is rapidly growing in popularity with local non-profit organizations and the list of volunteer opportunities is growing regularly so check back often. 

How to use It: Choose "Edmonton ECVO" from the drop down menu on the left, then have a look at all the listing on the right. Alternately, you can filer your listings by keywords, your motivations and interests, the amount of time you can volunteer, etc. Once you've chosen an opportunity that interests you, clicking on it will show you the details about the role and a way to contact the organization directly. 

Suitable for: EVERYONE to use.

Goz Around 

Description: GozAround is a community dedicated to connecting those in need with those who care. Find, measure and share your impact on the world. Connect with personalized social projects, volunteer needs, fundraisers and more all while measuring the impact you've had on the world. Or, if you are championing a cause, rally the support you need from our community of people and companies that care

How to use it: Create a free GozAround profile, choose the causes, organizations and categories of need that interest you and leave the rest to us. We'll deliver personalized social impact projects, fundraisers and other opportunities to make a difference. Better yet, use your profile to tell the world who you are, what matters to you and how you've made a difference by tracking you volunteer hours, donations and sharing the cause and organizations you support. If you are organizing or participating in an community project, share and rally support from our community of people, charities and companies that care. So, what is posted?  It could be anything. Help to move a couch, write a poem, proof a resume, walk a dog, weed a garden...really almost anything. You will find a mix of “peer-to-peer” acts of service (directly between individuals) and formal volunteer opportunities posted by organizations including non-profits and community groups.

Suitable for:  EVERYONE to use  


University of Alberta InfoLink 


Description:  The Volunteer Registry can help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity to build your skills and your community. Use the search tools to locate the perfect opportunity for you!
If you're interested in learning more about volunteering, check out their "Volunteering on Campus" video to learn more about a few of the regular opportunities available at the U of A.


How to use it:  You can view the entire registry or use the keyword search to narrow down your choices.


Suitable for: U of A students – although the registry is viewable by the general public, so unless the posting states students only – technically, anyone can respond to the organization's recruitment posting.


Charity Village

Description: National database that lists opportunities from mostly Canada but also the USA. 


How to use it:  Enter your region by city or postal code to see opportunities that are more specific to your area.


Suitable for:  EVERYONE to use.

City of Edmonton

Description: The City of Edmonton has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities from serving on a Board or Committee to giving tours at Fort Edmonton, or cleaning up the river valley! These popular roles are often suitable for youth as well!

How it works: Visit the site, then click on one of the opportunities that interest you. Most of the positions have online applications. 

Suitable for: EVERYONE to use.

St. Albert CIVC

Description: Listings of local volunteer opportunities in St. Albert, but also Edmonton and area. They also have a separate listing for volunteer opportunities for youth.


How to use it: Click on volunteer opportunities on the menu and then click on the opportunity listed for more information including contact information.


Suitable for: EVERYONE to use


Information & Volunteer Centre for Strathcona County

Description: Listing of volunteer opportunities in Strathcona County, Sherwood Park, and Edmonton


How to use it: Click on "Volunteer Centre" on the top menu, then "Volunteer Opportunities" on the drop down menu. You can use the filters on the left of the screen to search by region, suitability, areas of interest and more. Opportunities listed include details and contact information. 


Suitable for: EVERYONE to use, and includes age specific listings for youth 17 years and under.


Description: Although not a traditional way to find volunteer opportunities, you will find that there are some posted on this popular site for buying and selling all sorts of used and new goods and services.

How to use it: In the “search for anything” bar, simply type in volunteer (make sure you’ve selected the correct region).

*NOTE: be cautious here, while a lot of the ads are placed by legitimate non-profit organizations, and there are some unique volunteer opportunities from small businesses, and special events that can be rewarding, there are also “volunteer opportunities” in which you can get ‘exclusive offers’ at a discounted rate.  As well, there are many international volunteering opportunities listed here. You really should research ANY volunteer role and organization you’re considering, but unlike other sites dedicated to volunteer opportunities, sites like Kijiji do not vet postings. As with all roles, be sure to research ANY volunteer opportunity before agreeing to anything!

Suitable for: EVERYONE to use.

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