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How to get a criminal record check

Many volunteer positions require the volunteer to get background checks such as “criminal record checks” or “child welfare checks.”  Here’s what’s involved in these processes:

Police Information Checks (in Edmonton and area)

These are generally done by the non-profit organization.  It involves you filling out a 2-page application with 5 areas that you will complete. 


Here’s a link to the application.



You are a volunteer, unless you are a practicum student or are involved as a placement student.  In that case you’d check “post-secondary education.”

Part 1:  Your Personal Information

Be sure to print clearly and fill out ALL areas honestly. 

Part 2: Vulnerable Sector Search

This part is completed IF you will be working with members of the vulnerable sector, in a position of trust or authority, with people who are:

o   Children and minors under 18 years of age

o   Seniors ages 65 years and up

o   Physically or mentally challenged individuals

o   Other circumstance such as a non-English speaking refugee


Part 3: Waiver

This is the legal consent you are giving in order for the search to be completed. The witness can be someone at the agency, someone at home or at the police station.

Part 4: Police Information Check Section Personnel Only – Self-Declaration

If you are declaring that you have a criminal record, then this section must be completed in the police station only.  Do not fill this out on your own or at the agency.

There are 2 other parts that are to be completed - one by the agency in which you’ll be volunteering and the other by the Police Information Check Section personnel.

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