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Goose Troop consulting services for non-profit organizations

Non-profit staff are often swamped with heavy workloads and it' s not uncommon for volunteer managers and other leaders to have multiple roles in addition to engaging volunteers. It' s easy for procedures and processes to fall by the wayside when you ' re just trying to meet deadlines. You might know that there ' s room for improvement in your program, or you may feel that your team isn't as cohesive as you 'd like, but finding the time to work on this may seem unrealistic when there are just so many other tasks vying for your attention. Sometimes we can get so focused on data collection and reporting, we forget that volunteer resources are human resources and it' s important to spend time being thoughtful in how we engage people. Goose Troop can come and work with you on those tasks, or they can be delegated off your to-do list completely.


Goose Troop can create & design, review, audit, or assess your program/organization in the following areas:

Volunteer engagement

  • Role descriptions

  • Recruitment Policies and policy review

  • Recognition

  • Risk management

  • Evaluation

  • Screening

  • Orientation & training

Team Building

  • Team bonding activities

  • Synergy Conference (internal staff)

  • Staff appreciation and incentives

Marketing & Communications

  • Website content (create)

  • Website content (review)

  • Social media content (create)

  • Social media calendar

  • Newsletters and ebulletins

  • Posters & brochures

  • Annual reports

Human Resources

  • Policies and policy review

  • Staff satisfaction (surveys, focus groups)

  • Onboarding

  • Job descriptions and interviewing review

  • Exit interviews and offboarding


  • New office design & décor

  • Reception, play spaces, and break room design & décor

  • Whole office design & décor

  • Existing office refresh


  • Event planning

  • Focus groups

  • New program set up

The Whole Package

Goose Troop can set up an entire volunteer program from scratch

This is a great and effective way to start engaging volunteers, the right way, from the beginning. You 'll have an entire volunteer program that includes: role descriptions, recruitment, orientation and training, risk management, applications, interviewing, policies, recognition, and evaluation. This allows you to have your program all set up and ready to go, so when you hire a volunteer manager, they can hit the ground running and concentrate on engaging volunteers right away and not have to worry about ensuring the program is in place.

Event Planning

Let Goose Troop help you with your event.

Whether it' s looking after all aspects of volunteer involvement for your event, or organizing the event itself, Goose Troop can help.

Workshops and Presentations

Goose Troop offers learning opportunities in one-hour Lunch 'n Learn style presentations or more hands-on, half-day workshops. Sessions are intended for paid staff and/or volunteers in non-profit organizations.

Topics include:

  • Supporting staff who work with volunteers

  • Creating a culture of volunteer appreciation in your organization

  • Peace in the Sandbox - improving the relationship between volunteer managers, other staff, and volunteers

  • Volunteering – an overview

  • Multi-Generational Workplaces

  • Custom Workshops & Presentations - If you have a specific topic that you would like to learn about, just contact Goose Troop with your request. The length of workshops is flexible as well. If you prefer a lunch time presentation or a half day presentation, your needs can be accommodated. Just call or email!


About the Consultant

My name is Amanda Sokol and Goose Troop is my passion project.

With over 15 years experience in the non-profit industry working in non-profit management, volunteer engagement, marketing and communications, special event coordination, membership, operations, community engagement, and fund development, I've learned that there is a need for affordable consulting work. I understand that it can be difficult to secure funding for long-term staff or that funding limits sometimes mean losing the ability to hire those with senior experience. This is where I come in! With my extensive experience and knowledge in a variety of areas (and I do mean variety), I am offering affordable options for my involvement in this sector. I can come in and offer staff training, volunteer training, team building, marketing support, HR support, policy development and even build an entire volunteer program - then I can get out and leave you and your team to the business of realizing your mission and vision.

Goose Troop is very flexible – it’ s up to you to decide the best way to consume information. Maybe you want someone to write your monthly newsletter or organize your small event? Or perhaps you want to formalize your volunteer program and are starting from scratch. Goose Troop is happy to talk with you about your needs and the best way to meet them. This might include:


  • Workshops or presentations

  • One on one consultation

  • Program or project design

  • Online learning


I charge a rate based on a sliding scale. I would be happy to provide a quote for your project. Contact Goose Troop to see how we can work together to help your non-profit organization build capacity!

"if you don't have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?"

~John Wooden

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